Where is the Moto X Pure Edition SD Card Slot? In the SIM Tray.

moto x pure sim sd card

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One of the most important features of the Moto X Pure Edition for many is the inclusion of a microSD card slot by Motorola. I wouldn’t be shocked if a majority of buyers went for the $399 16GB model since you can slap in a 128GB microSD card and have all of the storage a smartphone user ever dreamed of. That’s a big deal not only because it reduces the price you may have to spend on the phone, but it also fills a gap left by Samsung after they ditched microSD cards in this year’s line-up of Galaxy phones.

With that in mind, assuming a number of you pick up the Moto X Pure Edition, you may be wondering where the SD card slot is. Since it’s not in a typical side slot, we thought we should make sure you all knew ahead of your phone arriving. 

So where is the Moto X Pure Edition SD card slot? It’s in the SIM tray, believe it or not. The nano SIM tray in this phone actually doubles as a microSD card holder. On one side (which is clearly marked), you get to put in a microSD card up to 128GB, and the other side you get to put in your nano SIM of choice.

To see the SIM tray in live action, be on the lookout for a SIM swapping video we have on the way.

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