Please Don’t Put the Galaxy Note 5 S Pen in Backwards. (Updated)

galaxy note 5 s pen backwards

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Hey, guy over there with the Galaxy Note 5, please don’t put your S Pen in backwards. If you do, you will probably break something in the phone, like the sensor that recognizes whether or not the S Pen is in or out of the phone. You may not even be able to remove it at all, actually. As with many things in life, it’s almost always a bad idea to put things in backwards. So, don’t do it with your S Pen. 

Don’t do it. Do the opposite of what Shia LaBeouf would tell you to do.

Why are we randomly bringing this up? Because people starting inserting their S Pens in backwards when the phone started arriving last week. Bad things happened. Really bad things.

We’ll see if Samsung responds. If they do, we’ll share their thoughts on #SPENBACKWARDSGATE.

Update:  The Verge heard back from Samsung, who had this to say.

“We highly recommend our Galaxy Note5 users follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure they do not experience such an unexpected scenario caused by reinserting the S pen in the other way around.”

OK, then. So what happens when a child who can’t read does it or someone mistakenly slides that little guy in backwards in the dark on accident?



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