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Samsung Will Also Start Issuing “Fast Tracked” Monthly Security Updates

Today has been all about security on Android. First, we saw Samsung and Google prepare “Stagefright” updates for a number of devices, followed by an announcement that Google would begin pushing monthly security updates to its Nexus line. Samsung, in a separate post, has announced a similar initiative. 

The Korean electronics giant announced a new “Android security update process” that fast tracks known security patches over-the-air (OTA) to devices. The updates could rollout as often as each month, thanks to the help of carriers and other partners. For example, Samsung has fast tracked updates to a number of its Galaxy devices just a week after the Stagefright vulnerability was made public. Outside of Samsung, only Google has prepared updates that we know of.

This new process will take a bit of time to get fully accepted by all partners, but so far we have seen Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T on board.

Via: Samsung



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