This Icon Pack is Hot: Artius

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People may disagree with me, but ever since Dave Kover — also known as kovdev — stopped slinging icon packs onto Google Play, it’s sometimes a struggle to find a new pack I want to deck my phone up with. Thankfully, there appears to be new talent popping up all over the place, and an icon pack called Artius from Shamrock Studios suits my needs quite well. 

Inside, there are over 1,000 icons made in high definition, looking super crispy on my phone’s large QHD display. The styling is boxy, giving off a Tersus-like vibe, in my opinion. Even with the slight tilt and shading near the top, the icons are simplistic and minimal, offering just enough for you to figure out what you are looking at. My one issue, which will likely be addressed, is the lack of a better Instagram icon. Sorry, but I need me my deluxe Instagram icon.

One thing I most enjoy about many new icon packs is that they feature a ton of great wallpapers, on top of fantastic icons. This pack is no exception. Inside the app, 20 cloud-based wallpapers are there for your applying, all of which look to compliment the icons.

All of this for the price of $2. Not too shabby.

Play Link ($1.99)

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