I Love Google for Removing the “Saving Screenshot” Animation in Stock Android

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If you watch the animation above and are addicted to the little details of Android (read: crazy, batsh*t anal), you should see something wonderful – the lack of a “Saving screenshot…” animation in between screenshots, which I’m pretty sure Google did away with when they introduced Lollipop. Either way, I can’t thank them enough for it.

Sure, it’s a small detail that most wouldn’t notice, but if you have ever taken a series of screenshots, you will know how much of a nuisance that little animation can be, especially if you like them to be as clean as is possible. You either have to wait for the animation to disappear between shots (breaking: impatient people hate waiting), or it often forces you to re-take a screenshot because you snapped one too quickly and are blessed with the message of “Saving screenshot…” at the top. 

To this day, even on the Galaxy S6 in the GIF below, most Android phones tell you in the status bar that they are “Saving screenshot…” just after snapping one. And keep in mind that the Galaxy S6 is running Android 5.1.1. Google has done away with this in stock Android and instead just shows a new notification that represents a screenshot. As you snap more, nothing changes up top – you just get a single screenshot icon even if you snap 10 in a row.

Ahhh, the little things.




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