Fleksy Keyboard is Now Free, Time to Give It a Try

fleksy keyboard

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Fleksy, a keyboard that relies on prediction and gestures to speed up the typing process, dropped its price tag today and is now free. If there was ever a time to give it a shot, now would be it. For those who already bought it, Fleksy says they are gifting $8 in free themes and extensions to thank you. 

We showed all sorts of love to Fleksy a couple of years back. In fact, I was using it as my daily keyboard for a very long time, but eventually found myself more comfortable with Google’s keyboard as they continued to improve its look and accuracy. But Fleksy is back on my phone for now, just to see if it has improved or if the experience better fits me now.

What is Fleksy? As I mentioned in the opening, it relies on prediction and swiping gestures to get work done. You can blindly type out words, then swipe to the right as Fleksy autocorrects. If it autocorrects wrong, a swipe up or down will get you to another suggested word. Two swipes to the right get you a period, but a swipe back fully deletes a word.

Confused? Trust me, it’s not that bad. Once you walk through the tutorial and use it for a day or two, I think you’ll get used to it. That’s not to say that it doesn’t take quite a bit of getting used to, but it can be a really solid keyboard once you do. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have gesture/swipe/trace typing.

It also has one of the cleanest styles you will find in any keyboard. I’d actually argue that it’s the best looking of any Android keyboard out there. It has themes too, plus “extensions” like a GIF keyboard or number row add-ons.

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