HTC Pulls Out the Old “Blind Test” in Latest Ads, and HTC Wins Every Time!

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I know that most of you are all off observing freedom, but we have marketing news to report. Yes, marketing news! HTC is back doing commercials to promote phones, though this time, Robert Downey Jr. isn’t involved and on the set of something where he clearly would rather be doing something other than promoting HTC products. This time, it’s all about the blind tests. Oh boy, because blind testing is always a go-to when every single other marketing attempt you imagined failed miserably.

So how’d it all go? If you guessed that HTC wins every time, you guessed right! 

First up, we have the speed tests. Get your timers ready!

[responsive_vid vid_url=”17gvSVtE1MM”]

And then…”Oh! Oh, baby!”

[responsive_vid vid_url=”UMd0FyQiLHM”]

Finally, there is nothing like a selfie test, club kids.

[responsive_vid vid_url=”iFLy7pkKMMA”]

And then in the UK, this is how HTC is spending marketing dollars.




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