The Latest on Motorola 5.1 Updates for Moto X, Moto E, and Moto G

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Late on Friday, Motorola’s David Schuster dropped another handful of status notes on Android 5.1 updates for his company’s line of devices. The weekend has now passed, and most of the world checked out by the time Schuster shared the info, so here is the news to catch everyone up. 

  • He confirmed that the Verizon Moto X (2nd gen) is indeed going through a soak test of Android 5.1. Of course, we already confirmed as much. If all goes well, though, the update should start this week for everyone.
  • Soak test for the Moto G (1st gen) LTE to Android 5.1 started in the US.
  • Soak test for the Moto E (1st gen) to Android 5.1 is resuming in Brazil and India.
  • Related, but not from Schuster:  Invites to a soak test of Lollipop for the AT&T Moto X (2nd gen) went out on Friday afternoon.

As a recap, the DROID Turbo also should have started last week, so assuming that goes well, the update could be available to the rest of you within the next week. I do not believe Motorola has actually begun that test yet, though. We’ll keep you posted there.

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