Twitter Adds Auto-Play Option for Videos and GIFs

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Soon, as you scroll through your Twitter feed, you will be welcomed by moving images and auto-playing videos as a part of Twitter’s continual drive to make watching videos easier than ever on their platform. The company announced today that this “more seamless video experience” has arrived on iOS, with Android expected to get the same experience before long. 

We are talking about auto-play of Vines, GIFs, and native videos, of course. Twitter is trying to find ways to reduce the number of taps it takes to get you to the content you need, so auto-playing them all seemed like the next logical step. Sure.

For those with sh*tty data plans that involve insanely overpriced data buckets, Twitter is building in controls to help you avoid running out of data and coughing up more cash to the evil wireless carriers of America. You will be able to turn off auto-play if you want, or you could tell it to only happen when on WiFi.

Oh, and what about audio? It won’t auto-play, but a twist of your device to landscape or a tap on the video will instantly kick on the tunes.

Again, the auto-play addition is available on iOS today, but is only “coming soon” to Android.


Via:  Twitter



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