5 Fresh Icon Packs: Elun, ClearPack, Saga3, Rifon, and KEX

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After a couple of month hiatus from the world of icon packs, we are back with another set of 5 fresh. There are probably more than five that we could cover today, but pay day isn’t until Friday, so we don’t want to overwhelm all of you just yet.

We keep thinking that icon designers are going to run out of ideas or that we will get bored with the trends, yet here we are with another set that we can’t possibly pick a favorite from. There are round icons in this five, square ones, others with long shadows, and some with clear parts. Most have HD wallpapers to match their themes, and all are incredibly well designed.

Here are the next fresh five icons

elun1 elun2 elun3


This is the icon pack I am currently using, as can be seen in the image at the top of the post. This pack meets my needs at the moment because round icons are just my thing right now. Beyond being round the icons are fully flattened, aren’t going overboard with neon colors, and give you more than enough alternative color options for some of the most used apps out there, like the dialer, camera, or Hangouts. The icon pack is simple and classic, utilizes “stock” colors, and would work well with almost any setup.

There are over 2,200 HD icons and 31 HD, cloud-based wallpapers that work perfectly with the scheme. All of your favorite launchers are also supported, plus the wallpapers work with Muzei.

Play Link ($0.99)

clearpack3 clearpack2


This icon pack isn’t actually all that new and has been on our radar for some time. ClearPack lets icons stand out for the app they represent, but then introduces a soft transparent circle as their background. This effect gives depth, a little shadow, and should let them play off of almost any wallpaper. You may not get a fully uniform look between all icons, since the icons do take on the identity of the app, but then again, you sort of do thanks to the standard transparent circle. It’s a great mix.

There are over 500+ icons, along with 1 HD wallpaper. ClearPack works with many of the popular launchers.

Play Link ($0.99)

saga31 saga32 saga33


Saga3 may utilize the overused long-shadow we have seen in so many icon packs over the last year, but it does so in a way that makes it fresh again. These icons are flat and square with solid-colored backgrounds, yet they have dimension thanks to a mini icon identifier tucked into their top left corner. That icon stands out from the background, allowing for a shadow to be cast over the full square. The color scheme is a mix of light greens, oranges, purples and blues, with some lighter whites tossed in for good measure.

There are over 1,800 icons in this pack, along with 13 amazing wallpapers. Saga3 works with all of your favorite launchers. At the moment, it is showing as free, though the listing suggests it may not be forever.

Play Link (Free)

rifon1 rifon2 rifon3


Rifon is like the squared off brother to Elun, which makes sense since it was created by the same icon designer. These icons are as flat and simple as Elun, carry a similar color palette, and all sorts of alternate icons. Seriously, it really is the square version of Elun.

There are over 2,200 icons and 30 HD wallpapers. It works with the big launchers as well, plus has Muzei support.

Play Link ($0.99)

kex3 kex2 kex1


Brought to you by Tha Phlash, KEX is an icon pack that explodes icon identifiers into your face. You know that the Hangouts icon is for Hangouts. You know that Instagram, even though it looks like a mushroom, is for Instagram. There are identifying attributes to all icons that make them easily recognizable, and KEX does a brilliant job of taking thoes attributes to a new level. Each icon is set on a pillowy box, but the references to each app are somehow raised above without looking like a 3D mess. It is a difficult effect to describe, so you’ll have to see them on-device yourself.

There are icons in this set for all of your favorite apps, along with 11 HD wallpapers. KEX should work with almost all of the most popular launchers.

Play Link ($2.99)

You can see all of our past icon coverage here. If you have new icon packs that you would like to see featured, be sure to drop us a tip.



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