WWDC 2015 Live Blog! Incredible. Beautiful. Fantastic. Great. Amazing.

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Apple’S WWDC 2015 is happening this morning, in case you didn’t already know. WWDC doesn’t stand for “What Would (Jesus) Do (in) Charades” or “Willy Wonka Dots Candy” or “Where’s Waldo, Dammit, Come’on!” It stands for “Worldwide Developer Conference.” Forget the fact that Apple is using¬†two Ws out of Worldwide, which is one word, and focus on the fact that we shall once again live blog the hell out of the happenings. Yes! Another DL Apple live blog is upon us.

I don’t need to explain why we cover these events, do I? Good.

So what is Apple going to call amazing, great, beautiful (x100), extraordinary, phenomenal, wonderful, gorgeous (x5), magnificent, exciting, amazingly remarkable, incredible (x26), advanced, and magical, this time around? 

According to the Apple blogs of the world, Apple should give us a new music service, that won’t be revolutionary by any means and will cost the standard $9.99 per month. Apple will try to trick you into thinking it’s great and different by offering exclusives on albums from their friends like Beyonce, Drake, and U2 (lulz). Of course, those exclusives only hang around for so long because record labels like to actually sell albums in lots of places. It’ll basically be a re-branding of Beats Music…with some temporary exclusives…yeah.

We should see iOS 9 and whole bunch of Android features from KitKat. KitKat came out a long time ago, so I couldn’t tell you what that means.

Then, Apple will bring the heat with a watch SDK for Apple Watch. It’ll let apps run faster, since right now, you can’t do anything with a 3rd party app on Apple Watch without buffering for a good minute.

But the iOS 9 and Watch SDK probably won’t actually be out for months, so don’t bother getting excited about it now.

Fun, right? The event kicks off at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern). If you want to watch it, you’ll have to use an Apple device or install Safari. You can watch it here.

We will also live blog the event below. There will be commentary, snark, giggles, and, more snark. Join us!



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