OnePlus One is Now Permanently $249, “Free” Dropbox Pro Subscription Included With 64GB Model

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A week ago, OnePlus announced that their first phone, the OnePlus One, would see a flash sale-like $50 discount for a week. Since that “experiment was a great success,” they have decided to drop the price permanently by $50 to $249 (16GB) and $299 (64GB).  Even though this phone is over a year old, that’s still a heck of a price for a phone this good. 

On a related note, OnePlus also announced that Dropbox is a new partner. Thanks to this new partnership, a new bundle that includes a “free” year of Dropbox Pro and a 64GB OnePlus One can be purchased starting June 10 for $349. I put free in quotes there because it’s not exactly free. The 64GB now starts at $299, so technically, the Dropbox Pro account is costing you $50. A year of Dropbox Pro typically runs $99, so you are still receiving a $50 discount, but again, I don’t know that “free” is the right term here.

So, there you go. Anyone interested, even with the OnePlus 2 arriving within the next couple of months?

You can buy the OnePlus One here.

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