Sprint Prepaid Adds “Rolling” Data for All Plans, Data Never Expires

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Sprint announced this morning that all of its prepaid plans will now included “Rolling” or “Monthly Rolling Data,” which is just like AT&T’s Rollover Data and T-Mobile’s Data Stash. Well, at least in its basic form. 

With Monthly Rolling Data, customers get to rollover any unused data that they paid for, making it available the following month. Where Sprint differs is in the length of time you get to keep your rollover data. AT&T gives you a month (30 days) and T-Mobile gives you a year, but Sprint says you get to keep unused data forever or until you use it. Sprint is also letting you max out at up to 30GB of rolling data.

Sprint’s Prepaid Rolling Dat (how many names do we have here?) are only available at Best Buy. There are three options that included unlimited talk and text, along with varying amounts of data depending on price. At $35 you get 1GB of data, and at $45 and $55 you get 3GB and 6GB of data, respectively.

For more info, head over to Best Buy’s site.

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