Samsung Pushes Round Smartwatch Launch Date to Let Apple Watch Hype Settle

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The Gear watch from Samsung that we all want to see, the round one, has reportedly been delayed. Even though there was never a set launch date from Samsung, it is reported from our friends at SamMobile that we should see it launch alongside the Galaxy Note 5 during IFA. 

According to sources, Samsung’s hold on “Gear A” (the device’s codename), is to allow the market to settle from the Apple Watch hype. There is no doubt that the Apple Watch has captivated much attention in the tech industry, so for Samsung to hold off and wait for a big device release of their own seems quite logical.

One small detail about the watch has been reported, though, concerning navigating the watch’s interface. Apparently, the device will feature a bezel ring capable of rotating, kind of like what you see on some regular wristwatches. What rotating the ring will do is currently unknown, but it sounds kind of intriguing.

The sad news, which we all know by now, is that this device will likely run Tizen and not Android Wear. So if you don’t have a Samsung device, try to contain your excitement.

Via: SamMobile



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