Question of the Day: Why Aren’t You Buying the LG G4? Why are You?

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Like with any flagship, I get the feeling that the DL community is torn on the LG G4. Some love it, others don’t. Some are buying it the minute it becomes available (27% of you), and others will keep their current phone or wait for something in the future that is more appealing to them. And you know what? That’s the way it should be. Not every phone is built for everyone, well except the iPhone. (Hah!) In all seriousness, choices are what makes Android so great. The LG G4 is another of those choices. 

For today’s question to the community, we want to know why you are or are not going to buy the LG G4? For those buying, feel free to list out a couple of the reasons. Maybe you are buying because of the display, next-level camera, and butt seams leather. If you aren’t buying, feel free to weigh in as well with a couple of reasons. Maybe the Snapdragon 808 and its lesser GPU is keeping you away, as are the size, LG UI, slow updates from LG, etc.

We did something similar to this with the HTC One M9 and it turned out great (500+ comments!), so we wanted to try and do it going forward with all flagships.

Ready? Go!



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