Set an Alarm or Send a Note to Your Android Phone Straight From the Desktop

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Google highlighted a few more functions you can perform when your Android device is linked up to a desktop late last week, those being Set a Reminder, Set an Alarm, and Send a Note.

Previously, we wrote up how you can send directions and even find your misplaced Android device from Google’s powerful Search bar, but it appears you can do even more with it, making the connection between your desktop and mobile phone that much more useful. 

To perform these basic commands, head over to Google’s main page or anywhere you see a Google search bar. From here, type in “Set an alarm,” or “Send a note.” You will see a prompt at the top of the search results, allowing you to perform the action you asked for. It’s very basic, but could be very useful.

As a note, if you have multiple phones linked up, there is a dropdown for you to select which device you want the action performed on.

For basic instructions on how to perform these searches, plus more interesting tidbits about linking your phone to a Google account for access through desktop, check Google’s support page linked below.

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