Tip: Galaxy S6 and Edge Owners, Remove the Sticker Covering Your Flash and HR Monitor

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I didn’t even realize this until 2 minutes ago, but the flash and heart rate monitor on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge has a clear sticker over it. Look closely, yours probably does too, you just didn’t see it. Both my S6 and S6 Edge had them and I didn’t even notice because the stickers are so perfectly cut and fit to the little glass covering.

Most stickers on things like the camera or edges of a phone almost always show themselves depending on the angle, but this little guy might go unnoticed unless someone pointed it out. So, we are doing that right now. Remove that thing! 

And if you haven’t already, you should probably remove the sticker on your camera lens as well. It’s a little more obvious to the eye, but you will want that gone to make sure your pictures look as good as the Galaxy S6 can make them. Seriously, remove it. It’s not there for permanent protection, screen protector fans.

H/T Android Beat



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