Here is a Preview of the LG G4’s New UX 4.0

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On last week’s episode of the DL Show, we told you to get ready for a steady stream of feature teases from LG for their upcoming G4 handset. Earlier in the week, LG announced details for the device’s new 5.5-inch QHD LCD display, which we assumed was only the first of many announcements to come. You see, LG (and Samsung too) likes to slowly tease select features that will be included in their new phones in the weeks leading up to an unveiling, many of which end up painting a picture of the phone in detail before it becomes official.

Last night, they continued that trend by by releasing a video of LG’s new UX 4.0, the 4th version of their custom Android skin that will be featured in the G4. 

So what’s new in LG’s UX 4.0? From what we can capture through Google Translate, we will once again experience a “human-centered” approach to UX, with easier and more convenient UI elements and features.

  • Manual Camera Mode:  LG is keeping its really simple camera UI in UX 4.0, but they are including a set of manual controls for the professional photog or for those who just want more control.
  • Quick Shot:  By tapping the Volume Down button on the back of the G4 (back buttons confirmed!), you can capture a photo without even fully opening the camera app.
  • Smart Board:  Like Google Now, Smart Board tries to collect “scattered” info and place it in a scrolling list – we are talking things like the calendar, music, health info, etc.
  • Calendar:  The pre-installed calendar app has been redone with a Material Design flair.
  • Gallery:  The gallery will now group together pictures taken during special events or by location, with a sort of living shot sitting at the top of each set.
  • Smart Alerts:  This feature tries to understand your situation and then provide you with useful info, like if it’s sunny and you like basketball, LG might tell you to go play outside. LG hasn’t said if it’s looking at your calendar or if it’s going to be completely random and suggest you go outside and hoop it up on a Tuesday at 2PM when you should be working.

All of that sounds like semi-useful stuff. A manual camera mode is certainly welcomed, along with improved gallery and calendar apps. The other things listed will likely be ignored or turned off by many.

And by the way, the name “LG G4” is confirmed and official. In a post through Korea’s social news outlet that talked of UX 4.0, they referred to the phone a handful of times as the LG G4.


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