T-Mobile Gives Us the First Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Pricing

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You know it has been on your mind since Samsung unveiled them. You know you have been wondering just how much all of those premium materials and next-gen internals were going to cost you. Am I right? T-Mobile has weighed in first this morning with pricing for both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The prices are about what we thought – they are higher than normal, but not insanely higher than normal. 

At T-Mobile, a 32GB Galaxy S6 runs $679.92 at full retail. The 64GB version is $759.99 and the 128GB version is $859.99.

If you are more interested in the Galaxy S6 Edge, then yes, you will be paying an added premium. The 32GB S6 Edge runs $779.76, 64GB is $859.83, and the 128GB model taps out at $959.83.

Now, all of these phones can be used in a device payment plan, so for the Galaxy S6 at 32GB, you are looking at payments as low as $28.33 per month. For the 32GB Galaxy S6 Edge, your payments would start at $32.49 per month. As you add storage, they only go up from there.

Here is a breakdown of each at T-Mobile:

  • Galaxy S6 32GB – $0 down + $28.33/month x 24, $679.92
  • Galaxy S6 64GB – $99.99 down + $27.50/month x 24, $759.99
  • Galaxy S6 128GB – $199.99 down + $27.50/month x 24, $859.99
  • Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB – $0 down + $32.49/month x 24, $779.76
  • Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB – $99.99 down + $31.66/month x 24, $859.83
  • Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB – $199.99 down + $31.66/month x 24, $959.83
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