Deal: Have a Disco Party With These SMFX Smart Bulbs, $49 a Pop

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In 6 days, the opportunity to grab a few SMFX Smart Bulbs, priced at $49 a pop through the DL Deals Store, is coming to a close. The SMFX Smart Bulb features an LED, that allows owners to change the color of the bulb on demand through an iOS or Android device and act as the perfect mood lighting tool for any home. 

Each bulb features use for up to 40,000 hours – compare that to your standard 1000-2000 hour incandescent light bulb and you are looking at quite the savings over the course of a few years. According to SMFX, these light bulbs also use about 10% less energy, which equals energy bill savings.

Functionality is controlled entirely through the application, which you can use to turn on/off your lights, change the colors, enter a “disco mode,” and more.

If the SMFX light bulbs sound fun, follow the link below.


  • Use for 40,000 hours (that’s 27 years of normal use)
  • Go green— use 10% the energy that a standard bulb uses
  • Use RGBW channels for brighter colors
  • Turn the bulb on & off from the app
  • Customize appearance with dimming & color options (16 million colors)
  • Enter “disco mode” to change the light along w/ the music
  • Schedule functions & set timers to fit your daily routine

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