Report: Google Engineers Visit LG, Could be Chosen to Produce Next Nexus Phone

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According to the latest from Korean press, Google engineers have been visiting LG and LG affiliates (LG Display and LG Innotek), which could lead to a possible collaboration for this year’s Nexus smartphone. 

While the Googlers enjoy themselves touring LG’s facilities, it is believed that talks will focus primarily on the next Nexus, with LG having a couple under their belt already.

LG manufactured the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, and would be the first OEM to create a third smartphone, if in fact LG is selected by Google to help showcase the next version of Android. As it stands right now, nothing else besides this visit points to a Google and LG partnership, but with it being March, this is about the time Google and an OEM would need to start getting down to business for making a new phone.

As a note, the last time we asked our readers which OEM they wanted to make this year’s Nexus, LG was ranked at 5th with 11% of the vote.

If LG does make the next Nexus, whatever the name may be, what will be your reaction?

Via: G for Games | E Today



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