Dark Echo, a Horror Game Based on Sound and Fear of the Unknown

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At times, it is good to be a little scared. It gets the blood flowing, and the sensation of fear is quite powerful to the human body. If picking up a copy of Alien: Isolation is not the way you would like to feel fear – even though that game is amazing – then maybe Dark Echo, a $2 mobile game on Google Play could do the trick for you. 

Personally, scary games have never been my thing, because I get scared quite easily. However, Dark Echo does not use terrifying images or sudden bang sounds to get your hair to stand up. Instead, the game takes place in a dark world, where all you can see is the sound of your shoes tapping against the floor and walls.

Using your finger as a cursor, you hold on a place for where you would like your character to go. As you walk, the sound you make will ricochet all across the room, creating geometry-like designs all over. With these designs, you can find other walkways to take, and more important, find the exit.

Unfortunately, you are not alone in this world. Evil spirits are out to get you, and they make sound of their own. Showing bright red, you must dodge these creatures or else you will die.

I highly recommend you play the game with headphones if you have a pair, as it makes the experience much more immersive.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

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