Pebble Time is Now the Most Funded Kickstarter of All Time With 24 Days to Go

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The Pebble Time (and its Steel brother) are now a part of the most funded Kickstarter campaign in history (for now). Shortly after announcing the new Pebble Time Steel, this morning, the smartwatch maker’s latest campaign jumped passed the Coolest Cooler, the previous record holder at just over $13 million. 

With 24 days left in the Pebble Time campaign, they may put this new record well out of reach. OK, that’s not true. If a cooler with a cheap Bluetooth speaker and a built-in blender can dominate Kickstarter (or a terrible Android-powered gaming system), I’d venture to guess that almost anything can.

As of the time of this post, Pebble Time is closing in on the $14 million mark.

It should be noted that the original Pebble is still currently the #3 most funded Kickstarter campaign ever, sitting just behind the Coolest Cooler and this new Pebble Time.

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