Dude, Where’s My Update? T-Mobile Publishes Software Update Tracker Webpage

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For all smartphone owners, we want our updates, and we want them now. However, the world is not a perfect place, and things take time – especially Android software updates. Thankfully, T-Mobile has published an update tracking webpage on its official site, allowing users to track the progress at which updates are happening. 

There are three levels of the process – Manufacturer Development, T-Mobile Testing, and Completed. What users will do is click on the device they own, then see just exactly where the update is in the cycle.

Unfortunately, there is no exact timing placed on updates, and it is really just a vague description of what is actually taking place. As somewhat pointless as it seems, we do applaud T-Mobile’s effort for attempting to enlighten their customers with information regarding software updates. If carriers have taught us anything about software updates, though, it’s that you will get it when they are damn good and ready.

If you own a device on T-Mobile, which has not received its update Lollipop, follow the link below and find out exactly where it is.

T-Mobile Link


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