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Verizon is Raising Upgrade and Activations Fees to $40

Yesterday evening, a source of ours tipped us to a potential increase in Verizon’s activation and upgrade fees that would go into effect February 5. The rates would increase from $35 and $30 up to $40, respectively. While we were unable to verify with a second source, the folks at PhoneScoop received confirmation directly¬†from Verizon this morning. The fees are indeed increasing to the numbers we were tipped to.¬†

What are activation and upgrade fees? An activation fee is the fee charged when you establish a new line of service. That fee is now $40. An upgrade fee is the fee that applies when you purchase a new device at a discount, with a contract extension. That fee is also now $40. You are never charged for both, but basically understand that if you sign a contract to receive a phone at a discounted price or add a line, you will be charged $40.

Prepaid is excluded from the increase, and Verizon Edge is excluded from these fees, according to our information.

Again, February 5 is when these increases begin.

Via: PhoneScoop



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