Verizon is Raising Upgrade and Activations Fees to $40

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Yesterday evening, a source of ours tipped us to a potential increase in Verizon’s activation and upgrade fees that would go into effect February 5. The rates would increase from $35 and $30 up to $40, respectively. While we were unable to verify with a second source, the folks at PhoneScoop received confirmation directly from Verizon this morning. The fees are indeed increasing to the numbers we were tipped to. 

What are activation and upgrade fees? An activation fee is the fee charged when you establish a new line of service. That fee is now $40. An upgrade fee is the fee that applies when you purchase a new device at a discount, with a contract extension. That fee is also now $40. You are never charged for both, but basically understand that if you sign a contract to receive a phone at a discounted price or add a line, you will be charged $40.

Prepaid is excluded from the increase, and Verizon Edge is excluded from these fees, according to our information.

Again, February 5 is when these increases begin.

Via:  PhoneScoop



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