Snapchat Introduces “Discover,” a News Feed Pushing Media Agendas Instead of Trending Topics

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Snapchat wants to be more than an outlet for sharing your naughty self or meaningless goofy daily encounters to the world. Today, they are introducing “Discover,” which should help it become much more than a penis vehicle, assuming you care about news decided upon by “world-class leaders in media” and their agendas, instead of what you are actually interested in. 

Discover is “not social media,” according to Snapchat. No sir, Discover is different because it’s not based on what the actual world deems as important or newsworthy (you know, the trending sections of social networks, the stuff people can’t stop talking about). Instead, Discover lets “world-class leaders in media” push their own ideas on news or what they have decided is important. Snapchat thinks that relying on editors and artists is the way to decide what’s important to you!

The service has “been built for creatives,” with companies like ESPN, Vice, CNN, People, and the Food Network already jumping on board with channels. Each day these “creatives” get to share their stories with you, but in classic Snapchat style, are gone tomorrow, because “what’s new today is history tomorrow.”

In the video below, you can see exactly how it works and looks. And in all seriousness, the service itself is kind of cool as a way to consume news, it’s just this whole “This is not social media! Editors know what’s best for you!” thing is a load of BS. I’m an editor, and I certainly do not always know what’s best for you. In fact, the majority of our coverage tends to be what you have told us you care about.

Anyways, the service is live in the Snapchat app on Android, so feel free to check it out.

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