Feedly’s New Power Search is Pretty Awesome at Finding Exactly What You Want

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Feedly, the current king of RSS post-Google Reader, introduced the next iteration of its Power Search this afternoon. To say that this new version is “useful” is not giving it even close to enough credit. Feedly thinks that this most recent step will help them achieve their goal of evolving into “Google for stories.” In other words, they want to be the go-to search option for content creators, researchers, and marketers who need “content that matters” now. 

What is Feedly Power Search? Since Feedly is the ruler of all things RSS at the moment, they are taking the 40 million sites/magazines/blogs that they crawl, along with the 50 million new articles that are indexed on their platform every day, and organizing them by topics and keywords, but also sorting them by engagement from Feedly and social networks. With all of that happening behind the scenes, a simple search for a topic can be refined on a number levels to bring you the most relevant content.

For example, if you were to search for something Android-related, you could not only find stories based off of the keyword “Android,” but narrow the scope by stories that have the most engagement on social networks, those that include videos, those that reference both “Android” and “Google,” or simply focus the entire search on past articles found on Droid Life. As an existing Feedly user, you could even “apply these searches to your existing collections, saved stories, or tags.”

These powerful new search tools are not in the app, at least from what we can tell, so you will have to hangout on Feedly’s web portal to play. If you feel like searching content instead of the vast web of things, think about Feedly the next time.

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