Motorola Returns to China Today With the Moto X – Moto X Pro and Others Coming Soon

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Motorola officially made its return to China this morning in a keynote that was filled with dancing, fist pumping, and excitement. The event kicked off the launch of their whole product line-up in an area of the world that Motorola hasn’t been for some time. If it means anything to you, the Chicago-based smartphone maker pointed out that they managed to jump into China just three months after Lenovo closed their acquisition of them. Of course, Lenovo is a Chinese company, so it’s not that surprising that it all came through this quickly.

Anyways, today kicks off the launch of Motorola’s line-up that includes the Moto X (2nd gen), Moto G (2nd gen) with LTE, Moto X Pro, and Moto Hint. The Moto 360 will come some time later, but for now, Moto wants us to focus on those first four products. 

The Moto X goes up for pre-order today in “six of the most popular” choices of colors that were voted on by fans of Motorola in a special pre-launch campaign. Interested parties can choose from leather, bamboo and other wood models as well. “Coming soon,” Moto Maker will also become available in China.

The Moto X Pro, which is basically the Nexus 6 without the “Nexus” part, will arrive in March. We still don’t know what the color options will be for it or if it will ever see Moto Maker. The newest Moto G will be available for pre-order starting February 10. Finally, the Moto Hint is simply, “Coming soon.”

Dance dance!


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