Verizon’s Q4 2014 Numbers Show They Don’t Need to Cave in to the Uncarrier

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Verizon dropped its Q4 2014 numbers this morning, numbers that show the company is still doing very well even without reacting to every single move that T-Mobile makes through its “Uncarrier” movement. While Big Red’s competitors are buying out contracts or slashing bills in half to try and convince customers to make switches, Verizon has maintained that it will adjust as needed, but doesn’t need to make drastic reactionary changes or follow in anyone’s footsteps

Verizon still brought in 2 million retail postpaid connections (including 672,000 that were phones) in the quarter, added all sorts of connected devices on current accounts (tablets mostly, 2.87 connections per account) which increased revenue per account, and finished the year with 102.1 million total retail postpaid connections. They also added 24.7 million 4G LTE devices in 2014, more than 80% of which were smartphones. About 84% of the total data traffic on their network is 4G LTE and 25% of phone activations came through their EDGE monthly payment plan.

If you want to find a negative, it’s that their churn rose to 1.14%, which is a rate at which customers defect to other carriers. The rise, which Verizon expected, is due to the crazy promotions and other offers that AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are tossing about.

So yeah, Verizon is doing just fine without caving in to the Uncarrier way. While that may make people unhappy, it’s clear that enough are satisfied with not only Verizon’s network quality, but also its pricing, or that churn would be up even higher and their year-end numbers wouldn’t look this good.

If you want to listen to Verizon’s CFO Fran “ShamWow” Shammo talk about their final quarter of the year, do so through the Soundcloud embed below. To see all of their detail financial numbers, hit up the source link.

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