3 Games You Need to Own Right Now

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Instead of listing out the best games for the month, we feel it necessary to tell you which games you need to be playing right now. Here, there is no room for debate. Of course, our preference on mobile games may differ slightly than yours, so we are always willing to take your suggestions in the comments below.

Below, we have three titles that we think should be on your device, no questions asked. They range in quick pick-me-up titles, to the longer, more involved players. Moving forward, you can expect to see many more quick recommendations from us.

Now, prepare your wallets. 


One More Line

As a few of you may know, if it was not for Ron, I may not have ever found one of my favorite Android titles of all time. In One More Line, you control a colorful line with the purpose of moving up as for as possible. Using little wheels, you must sling yourself up, without going out of bounds or running into one of the wheels.

While it sounds very easy, it is easily one of the more frustrating games I have ever played. There have been numerous times where throwing my phone seemed like a reasonable reaction to how the game had treated me in fairness. Ron and I both went back and forth on Twitter with who could score the highest, with myself prevailing if I recall correctly.

The game is free to download with ads, but for $1 IAP, you can remove them. Please, spend that dollar.

Play Link


crossy road

Crossy Road

As a recent viral smash, Crossy Road has consumed too much of my time. The game, which was released onto iOS and then as an Amazon Appstore exclusive, is an addictive Frogger-like title. At first, you play as a cute little chicken who must navigate a very dangerous road. As you push forward through the world, you are met with many terrifying threats, such as fast trains, logs on water, bald eagles, and speeding vehicles.

The more you play, the more coins you collect. With the coins, you can purchase new characters to play as, like cows, horses, and other funny animals. While they don’t change the mechanics of Crossy Road, sometimes it is nice to play with a fresh face.

Nicely enough, the game is free to download from Google Play. But beware – IAPs will allow you to buy more characters with a single click of a button.

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Game of Thrones

It’s the show I love to hate. Even with all of my favorite characters dying off rather abruptly (sorry, spoiler alert!), you can’t go wrong with Game of Thrones. Available to download for free from Google Play, compatible on tablets, phones, and even Android TV set-top boxes, the game is an absolute must have.

Created by Telltale Games, known for their work on The Walking Dead series of mobile titles, your own decisions and quick reflexes will shape a story that fits your own play style. If you choose to be a rude person, not saving anyone from harm, then believe me, the characters in the game will remember it. If you decide to play as a savior, trying to help everyone, then the story’s characters will be more favorable to you.

The first chapter of play is priced at $4.99, with additional chapters to be released costing more money. I would recommend loading this game onto either a tablet or Android TV box, then playing with a controller. It plays much better when you don’t have to block the screen with your fingers.

Play Link ($4.99)

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Again, if you have a few games we need to know about, shoot them below and we will be glad to check them out.



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