So Social: It’s 2015, are You Following Droid Life?

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Now that we have entered the post-CES period of 2015, a time that we consider to be the true beginning of the year, we wanted to check in and remind you that there are plenty of ways to keep up with Droid Life throughout the next twelve months and beyond. Our social game has spread to almost everywhere it can these days, so if one network doesn’t work for you, there is a good chance we are on another that does. From Twitter to Facebook to Google+ to Pushbullet, you should have no trouble keeping up with us.

Below, you will find links to all of the places that we connect with readers. Be sure to follow us on one or many. 


This is easily my favorite new recommendation for following us. Forget RSS services – Pushbullet and instant notifications of our stories is where it’s at. Assuming you have Pushbullet installed (and you really should), if you subscribe to our channels, you get instant access to the latest news and reviews, much faster than through a feed. It’s also better than a social network, because it sits in your notifications instead of getting buried in a network’s feed.


  • @droid_life – Our main (and verified) account.
  • @iamkellex – My personal account, that sees some non-tech talk from time to time.
  • @timotato – Tim’s account that is much more active than mine.
  • @ronoffringa – To get all that iOS perspective from Ron. I kid, I kid.


  • Droid Life – This might sound surprising, but Facebook has turned into a great place for news.


  • +Droid Life – A great place to carry on the conversation, assuming you don’t like commenting here.


  • @droid_life – Our official IG account doesn’t look like much now, but expect more soon. Very soon.
  • @kellennnnnn – Beer, shoes, food, travel, that’s about what you’ll get by following me.
  • @timotato – So many wolf pups, so many wolf pups.



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