HTC to Release Connected Home, Entertainment, and Fitness Related Products in 2015


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Last week, HTC’s global online communications manager told us to expect a “best ever” roadmap of products in 2015, but also to prepare for “some huge surprises.” Those surprises will include connected home, connected entertainment, and health and fitness products. 

In a sitdown with HTC at CES, the company told us that the RE camera from 2014 was only the beginning of things to come in terms of new product areas. In fact, HTC has a new connected division that is made up of four different groups with specific focuses on the connected home, entertainment, health and fitness, and imaging.

Of course, they wouldn’t tell us what the products from each group would be, but that we should definitely expect them in 2015. So not only are we going to get another flagship-level phone like the One (M8) and a continued focus on the mid-tier Desire range of phones, HTC is going to try and take over your home and life too.

This morning, HTC announced a new strategic partnership with Under Armour, as they are “designing a series of products to work seamlessly with UA Record,” a new fitness tracking app released by Under Armour. Since we are talking a “series” or “range” of products, expect more than just another fitness band.

HTC reported a solid fourth quarter, but in order to fully re-join the party, this new connected division better live up to the high praise their management team is laying upon it.

Ready for HTC to take over everything you touch?



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