Dumb Ways to Die 2 Recently Launched to Google Play, Freemium to the Max

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It has been a little over a year since the original Dumb Ways to Die landed on Google Play, but we are very happy to see that Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games, has reached our platform. The original, albeit a bit repetitive, was an amazing game. Inside that title, there are many mini puzzles which tested your quickness, in a mission to save little creatures from killing themselves.

The sequel, Dumb Ways to Die 2, is a toast to classic, but with a new twist. In the game, you are shown a larger world, each with its own set of challenges. While you are still trying to save little dudes from committing suicide, the puzzles seem more thought out, while still being very difficult at times. 

In a few puzzles, your reflexes and quick thinking will save a few characters, while other puzzles have you timing jumps and using plain ‘ol common sense to help others.

Unfortunately, instead of paying for the game straight up and owning it, the initial download is free from Google Play, with IAPs scattered throughout. In the beginning, you are given a set amount of tickets to play “rides.” To take a ride, it costs a ticket. When you run out of tickets, you have to wait for more to be given to you, or you need to buy them for a price. From the developer’s standpoint, I am sure this is great, as the possibilities for more revenue seems high, but as the player, I don’t want my playing to be limited because of money. Also, ads are in the game, but they can removed for $1.

If you love these creatures, and don’t mind a few IAPs, go check it out.

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