Verizon Executive Talks 2015 and Beyond, Includes Work on LTE Advanced and Boosting LTE Coverage Indoors

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A discussion recently took place between Fierce Wireless and Verizon executive Mike Haberman, Big Red’s vice president of network support, in which Haberman outlined the carrier’s immediate 2015 plans, as well as looked beyond and into the future for the network.

2015, Haberman states, will be a year of more carrier aggregation, as the company has already begun testing the network, getting it ready for public rollout. The technology of aggregation, which Verizon has labeled LTE Advanced for marketing purposed, builds greater “traffic lanes” for mobile users to utilize, bonding spectrum to produce greater capacity. This ultimately brings faster mobile speeds and improved call quality to anyone with a compatible phone. 

While Verizon will continue to enhance coverage and increase capacity across the nation, beyond 2015 is also quite exciting. Haberman hinted during the interview that sometime in the future, the company may offer a LTE femtocell for customers to boost their coverage indoors. No indication was given as to when a device such as this would be purchasable through the company, though.

The last piece Haberman spoke on was VoLTE, and making it the default voice offering. No timeline was offered as to when VoLTE would be lit across the board for users, but device manufacturers would also need to jump onboard. As of right now, only 7 devices support VoLTE on Verizon’s network, but with new phones getting launched all of the time, and software updates able to rollout to enable the feature, that number could jump quite drastically.

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