Google Glass v2.0 Heads Through USPTO, Features Slimmer Design

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An updated look for Google Glass appears to have stopped by the USPTO, featuring a slimmer, less bulky design. From the outside, it is rather hard to decipher what Google’s intentions are with the Glass project. Last time we checked, Explorer Edition units are still on Google Play for a whopping $1500, with public release timeframes coming and going throughout 2014.

Could it be that Google is just waiting for version 2.0 to give it a true public release and reasonable pricing? 

From what we can see in this new design, the overall package of Glass has been very slimmed down, with a bit of texture being added the touchpad. In comparison to current Glass models, this new version looks quite good. Good enough to rock it around all day long? Good enough to justify a high price?

Again, we just don’t know yet if Google will come down on price for a public, non-beta launch of Glass.

What do you think of the new design? Speaking hypothetically, if this version launched with a $500 price tag, would you be interested?

Via: Quartz | USPTO



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