Morning Routine Update Brings a Material Design Explosion That You Have to Play With

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Before you even read this, you may as well go install Morning Routine right now. Trust me, it will be worth it. Even if you don’t need an alarm app (yes, this is an alarm app), I think you will enjoy this app’s Material Design explosion. If you ever wanted to see an app showcase the fun that can be had through Google’s new design language, this is it. In fact, I’m not sure anyone can even top it. Actually, that’s a challenge to all app developers¬†– try and beat this redesign.

OK, so what is Morning Routine? Well, it’s an alarm app, as was previously mentioned. It’s pretty powerful too. Morning Routine does the basics like allowing you to setup multiple alarms, specify days, choose ringtones, and turn them off in the morning with the press of a button. But it’s the extra goodies that appear to make this app worth using. Morning Routine will track how long it is taking you each day to turn off your alarms, can setup sequences that need to be completed before your alarm will go away for good, and can open apps or URLs immediately upon silencing your alarm. It looks to be fully-featured.

Did I mention its Material Design explosion? OK, I did. Seriously, go install this app and just swipe around – up or down, left or right. Press buttons and boxes. Slide toggles back and forth. Have fun!

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