AT&T Next 24 Gives You Even Lower Monthly Device Payments


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This morning, AT&T announced that they have added a new option to Next, their device upgrade and monthly payment plan. The new option is called Next 24, with “24” representing the number of payments you have to pay before you can upgrade to a new device. But not only does it stretch out your upgrade time, it also lowers your monthly payments by spreading them out over 30 total payments. 

With AT&T Next 24, a customer can upgrade to a new phone for $0 down and then pay equal monthly payments over a 30-month agreement. At 24 months, if the phone is in “good condition,” that customer can trade it in for a new one and sign-up for another payment plan.

Next 24 joins Next 12 (20 monthly payments, upgrade at 12 months) and Next 18 (24 monthly payments, upgrade at 18 months). The big selling point here is the fact that a 30-month payment plan reduces the monthly payment cost for a new phone. If you were to buy a $600 phone, you are looking at $20 per month with Next 24, rather than $25 or $30 that you would see with the Next 12 and Next 18 plans.

AT&T Next 24 is available beginning November 9.

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