It’s Nearly Halloween, Which Means You Need to Play The Jusou

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With Halloween directly around the corner, it might be time to have a good fright. A game currently available on Google Play may be able to help you, titled The Jusou, which places you in one of the scariest haunted houses you might ever come across. 

The game is of the horror escape genre, leading you through a bloody house containing puzzles upon puzzles. As you search around the house, your main objective is to figure out what exactly happened to the family which once lived there. What you discover may frighten you.

The game uses jump scares to make you squirm, but the overall look and design of the game is simplistic and easy to navigate. Getting lost should not be an issue, as all you need to do is click on everything you see, then remember clues which will help you solve puzzles.

If you have a strong heart, and are not prone to scaring easy, then best of luck to you.

Note: If you enjoy scary games around this time of year, we also recommend Five Nights at Freddy’s, which we wrote up not too long ago.

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