Video: Android 5.0 Feature – Setting Up Guest and Multiple Users

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In Android 5.0 “Lollipop,” users can finally setup Guest accounts and additional user profiles on phones, similar to what has been available on tablets for some time. Whether you need to hand your phone to your friend for a quick call or email because their phone died earlier in the day, or because you have kids that are constantly asking for some time with your phone to game, know that your main profile will remain safe and untouched at all times. 

Setting up Guests or additional accounts is pretty easy for the most part. You can access additional users through a Users option in Settings or by tapping on your Profile icon in the quick toggles notification pulldown.

The Guest account access can be wiped each time someone logs in, which is nice because Guests can add accounts, download apps, and even place calls if you let them.

On the flip side of that, you have more permanent accounts that your friends, family, or kids could setup. These accounts are setup almost like if the person in charge is setting up a new phone. A “Welcome” screen walks them through setup, asks for Google account information, and even asks for permission to access location and such. These users can download apps, add additional accounts, and use voice and SMS services.

To see Guest and secondary accounts in action, we have a video walk-through below.


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