HBO Web-Only Subscription Coming Next Year, Prepare to Ditch Your Cable Provider

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During an investor presentation this morning, HBO CEO Richard Piper told reporters that his company will launch a web-only subscription service at some point next year. Currently, you need a cable subscription in order to have HBO, so as you can imagine for those who ditched the cable box long ago or want to in the near future, this is huge news. With a web-only subscription, you could subscribe to HBO by itself, without needing a full-blown cable package. 

He didn’t mention pricing or any other information, like if “web-only” means access through HBO GO apps as well, but one can dream. He did say that the web version would be a “stand alone, over the top” version of HBO, if that helps get you excited. You should already be excited, though. We may be getting closer and closer to a world without overpriced cable subscriptions.

Currently, web services like Netflix run $7.99 per month – could we see an HBO subscription around that same price?

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