Skype Launches First App Since Skype Itself, a Video Chat Service Called Qik

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Skype, the service that practically made video messaging mainstream for this generation, has released its first app since, well, the invention of Skype itself. The app is called Skype Qik, and to be completely honest, it is much like Stories from Snapchat. Users share short videos of themselves with friends and family around the globe, with the ability to go back and forth all from your existing Skype account. 

Once you are synced up with Qik, you create private groups of friends. Then, as mentioned, you can send each other video messages, thumbs-ups, smileys, and more. In addition, you can erase your messages and videos from the group discussion, just in case you accidentally embarrassed yourself. However, Qik makes it very clear that friends can save your videos and messages before you get a chance to delete them if they have the chance to do so.

The app is completely free to use, so if you happen to have a lot of friends who enjoy sharing these types of videos, check it out. To me, it’s just another app to go along with Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and countless others.


  • Create groups in a flash: grab a bunch of friends from your phone’s address book and start a private chat.
  • Pre-record and send video clips (Qik Fliks): can’t respond right away? Thumbs-ups, smileys and more, starring you.
  • Erase your message and it disappears from the conversation.
  • Keep it fresh—messages are automatically erased from Qik after two weeks.
  • Start a conversation any time—no login, usernames, or passwords needed.

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