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At their Double Exposure event yesterday in NYC, HTC announced the Re Camera. This inhaler periscope-shaped device is actually a handheld camera device that will be able to record life events and interface with your mobile devices. It doesn’t turn off or have a viewfinder, but it does come with a button. The whole idea is that you are able to pay more attention to what you are recording and less to the device that is doing the recording. Tap the button to snap a picture or hold it down to record. 

Re has a 16MP, ultra wide angle 146-degree shooter that can snap stills or record 1080p video at 30fps. It can also record 720p slow motion videos at 240fps. You will find Bluetooth 4.0 inside, an 820mAh battery, WiFi, 1/4-inch tripod connection, Ip57 dust and water resistance, and compatibility with iOS7+ and Android 4.3+.

What’s really intriguing about Re is its ability to connect with your device. You’ll be able to have a remote viewfinder and control the camera directly. We witnessed a quick demo of the remote viewfinder in action and there does appear to be a slight delay in what you are recording and when you are seeing it on the screen. This is something that should be expected with a wireless streaming solution and might even see improvements via software updates.

After seeing some of the accessories that will make camera useful for different life activities, it’s obvious that they want to capture some of the GoPro market. What are your thoughts? Is this $200 device a must-have and will you be getting one later this year?

Check out the gallery below.

htc_recamera_lens htc_recamera_chargingport htc_recamera_laydown htc_recamera_miners htc_recamera_sideview

htc_recamera_armbands htc_recamera_bike htc_recamera_stroller htc_recamera_frontshot



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