Ping, From the Makers of Secret, is a Weird Aggregator App of Sorts

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A new app called Ping from the makers of Secret has hit Google Play, but unlike Secret, I have yet to figure out its exact purpose. Ping is labeled as an aggregator of sorts. Upon opening, you select certain topics you want to be notified on. For example, there is “this day in history, tech talk, trending news, and daily fortune cookies.” 

To say the app is minimal is an understatement. With nothing but a black background and grey text which lights to different colors as your scroll through, my assumption is that you will be pinged whenever a story hits the web about a topic you select. The developers don’t offer any type of explanation in Google Play, so without using the app for too long myself, it is a bit hard to describe.

It is free to download, thank goodness, so go check it out and see if you can fit another aggregator in your life. Maybe after a bit of time it will prove its worth to us.

Ping has a YouTube video which we have thrown down below, but don’t bother watching, it’s 11 seconds of absolute nothing.

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