HTC Nexus 9 is Arriving “Soon,” According to Two Reports

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Thanks to legal documents posted by NVIDIA that detail reasons for their upcoming patent lawsuit with Samsung and Qualcomm, we know that Google and HTC have teamed up to produce the HTC Nexus 9 tablet running a Tegra K1 processor. Those documents have since been edited to leave out any mention of the tablet, but of course, we still have proof here

This morning, two new reports out of the Wall Street Journal and The Verge again confirm the tablet’s existence and that it should be here very soon. Speaking with sources close to the matter, the WSJ mentions that engineers from HTC have been flying back and forth from Mountain View to Taiwan in recent months to work with Google on getting the project ready. As you know, Google works closely with its Nexus manufacturers as it readies both new hardware and the software that it runs.

No other details were mentioned, but it is expected that the Nexus 9 will debut with the public launch of Android L. Most of us expect that to happen in October, even if NVIDIA’s legal documents said “third quarter.”

Anyone think that Google will do an online unveiling again out of no where, with no press event?

Via:  Wall Street Journal | The Verge



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