Amazon Fire Phone Drops to 99 Cents After Just Over a Month

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Amazon’s Fire Phone went on sale July 25 for $199 on-contract or $649 at full retail. The device hasn’t even been available for a full two months yet the company announced today that it has discounted the 32GB model to $0.99 on-contract and $449 at full retail.

Reports of the device being a flop circulated almost immediately after it became available, something that didn’t surprise us at all. The device is filled with decent-but-not-high-end specs in many areas and is basically a hand-held Amazon store with a few gimmicky features. In fact, the best part of the Fire Phone is arguably the free year of Prime you get when purchasing one. 

At least it went a month and a half before Amazon and AT&T threw in the towel. The HTC First aka “Facebook phone” didn’t even make it a month before its price was cut to a dollar.

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