New Moto X (2014) Unboxing and Hands-on

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Today, well, is kind of a crazy day if you are a Motorola fan. Not only did we get a brand new Moto X (specs) and official details on the Moto 360, but we also got a new Moto G, news of a sweet Bluetooth ear piece, and a bunch of other accessories. We have separate posts for all of that goodness, which you should definitely dig through, but for now, we are focused on showing you what to expect with the new Moto X.

We have a leather back. We have a full HD display. We have a current-gen, bad boy processor. We have an upgraded 13MP camera. We have a premium metal frame. We still have Moto Maker. Motorola didn’t hold back at all with the new Moto X. This new version of last year’s phone of the year, is as good on paper as any other flagship, only it costs about $100 less.

Ready to see what you are getting? 



Software Tour

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