Wipeout 2 Launched to Google Play, the Big Balls are Back

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A new game is available on Google Play this morning, Wipeout 2. The game is based on the popular TV series on ABC of the same name, where real contestants (not actors) attempt to make their way through crazy obstacles. The main idea is that they will wipe out on the course, making for excellent television.  

In Wipeout 2, players choose a character to take through the courses. When completing courses, you earn XP, which can be put towards upgrades for your character. You can make him/her faster, have better air control, better slide, and improved recovery time after bad falls.

There is no real story to the game, but beating the obstacles will prove itself a challenge for you. It is supposed to be quite hard.

The game is free to download, but do expect to see a few IAPs from time to time.

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