Pushbullet Update Introduces Universal Copy and Paste Across Devices

Pushbullet, an app that continues to impress us with each new update, is back again with something that may blow your mind a little. The Pushbullet team is calling it “universal copy and paste,” because, through Pushbullet, you can now copy something on one device and then paste it through another, instantly. 

To see universal copy and paste in action, be sure to watch the quick clip below. To try and explain it, though, think about a time where you are sitting at your computer and you find something on the web that you would like to share through an app on your phone that may not have a web or desktop experience. A quick copy of a URL on your desktop, for example, would then be available in your clipboard on a mobile device for sharing via app. It’s sort of like magic.

This new universal copy and paste requires the Pushbullet app for Android and the Pushbullet Windows desktop app (download). As of now, the Pushbullet team is working on Mac support. This new feature, however, does not work through the browser extensions.

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