Verizon Quietly Introduces New Single Line Plan – 2GB of Data for $60, Dropped Down to $50 With Edge

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Yesterday, Verizon quietly introduced a brand new single line plan that certainly isn’t the worst deal you will find in the wireless industry. At $60, the new plan offers unlimited talk and text along with 2GB of data per month. You can lower that rate further by buying a new phone through Verizon’s Edge device payment plan and shave off another $10, bringing your monthly service bill to $50 (plus the Edge payment). 

Verizon originally introduced new single line plans (meaning no shared data) back in March at prices that weren’t exactly competitive ($60 for 1GB, $75 for 2GB). At $60 for 2GB, this new plan is $5 lower than AT&T’s competing single line plan. This new plan also matches up to the secret “Save” plan we outed a few months back that Verizon wasn’t ready to publicly promote.

If you compare this single line pricing to a Verizon MORE Everything plan with 2GB of data, you would save roughly $30 per month. A similar MORE Everything option would run $40 per month for the smartphone line, another $50 for the 2GB of data, but then could see a discount of $10 if you signed up for Edge. So that’s $80 per month, plus your Edge device payment, compared to the $50 for the single line plan.

On a semi-related note, Big Red is also running a MORE Everything promo that will give customers 1GB of additional data per line at no charge when that line is upgraded to a new smartphone. That promo data lasts for 24 months.

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