Google Buys Messaging Client Emu, Hopefully to Make Hangouts Better

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Emu, a messaging client on iOS, announced today that Google has acquired it. The company, which is led by ex-Google, Apple (Siri team), and Yahoo employees, pushed their app out of beta earlier in the year. However, as of August 25, it will cease to function, meaning users will no longer be able to send, receive, or download messages.

Why buy Emu, you ask? Well, Emu actually looks like a pretty solid messaging app that could bring great improvements to Hangouts, which is sorely lacking in features. 

As you will see in the promo video below, Emu was capable of acting like a personal assistant. The app could automatically add items to your calendar, quickly share location in real-time with friends, remind you of tasks later in the day, or even recommend restaurants, all without ever forcing you to leave the Emu application. Think about how awesome some of that would be in Hangouts or as an additional item through Google Now?


Via:  Emu | TechCrunch



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